Monitoring measures for formwork support

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Template support monitoring measures can include the following:

1. Daily inspection: The team conducts daily safety inspections, and the project department conducts weekly safety inspections. All safety inspection records are documented in writing.

2. Safety inspection: The key areas for daily inspection and inspection include: whether the setting and edge connection of poles, wall connecting components, supports, diagonal braces, and other components meet the requirements; Whether the base is loose and whether the upright pole is suspended; Whether the connecting fasteners are loose; Whether there is uneven settlement and verticality change in the support system; Is there any overloading during the construction process; Whether there is deformation phenomenon in the support system and each member; Whether the safety protection measures meet the regulatory requirements.

3. Monitoring scheme: comprehensive system inspection must be carried out after suffering from force 6 gale or heavy rainstorm.

4. A comprehensive system inspection must be carried out after bearing the force six gale or heavy rainstorm.

5. Before pouring and compacting beam concrete, the project department shall organize a comprehensive and systematic inspection of the scaffold, and only after passing the inspection can concrete pouring begin. During the pouring process, full-time safety officers and construction workers shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the frame area and observe the deformation of the support system at any time.