Support system for templates

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The template support system refers to a system composed of templates and supports, which jointly bear the construction load during the template construction process, ensure the accurate position and size of the template, and ensure the quality of concrete components. The template support system can be divided into column template support system, beam template support system, wall template support system, and floor template support system according to the position of its support structure.

The commonly used template support systems include steel pipe fastener type and bowl buckle type, which are currently very mature and standardized tool type support systems. The spacing between upright poles, the step distance of horizontal poles, the continuous setting of horizontal poles, vertical and horizontal diagonal braces (fastener type steel pipe supports), or the setting of dedicated diagonal and horizontal diagonal poles should comply with the requirements of the specifications.

The formwork support system is a construction process used to support the formwork to ensure the quality of concrete pouring. The template support system includes templates, support rods, fasteners, etc. A template is a component used to support the template, usually made of materials such as wooden boards, steel plates, or plastic sheets. The size and shape of the template should comply with the design and construction requirements of the concrete. Support rods are components used to support templates, usually made of materials such as steel pipes, profiles, or wooden poles. The spacing and height of the support rods should meet the requirements of the template design to ensure the stability and firmness of the template. Fasteners are components used to connect templates and support rods, usually made of materials such as bolts and nuts. The tightening degree of fasteners should meet the design requirements to ensure the stability and firmness of the support system.

The design and construction of the formwork support system should comply with the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications to ensure the quality of concrete pouring and the service life of the formwork. At the same time, attention should be paid to safety measures, such as installing protective fences, safety nets, etc., to ensure construction safety