Difficulties in template support system

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The application of template support system has the advantages of saving costs, reducing environmental pollution, and increasing turnover times. At the same time, it should also be noted that there are some difficulties in the construction process, which will be introduced one by one below.

General floor height (floor net height below 4.5m) formwork support. The floor height of ordinary commercial and residential buildings is generally 2.8m, and the floor slab is around 100mm. The structural self weight and construction live load are relatively small, and the installation of formwork brackets is relatively easy to meet safety requirements. However, the safety of brackets should not be underestimated. The safety of template supports is also related to the stacking level on the template working surface. Materials such as steel bars, templates, and wooden blocks on the template surface should be limited in stacking height and density. During construction, the concrete pump pipe should be placed on a tool that disperses the load.

When the net height of the floor is above 4.5m (the size of the concrete beam and slab is large, which generates a significant load on the formwork support). The size of the main beam is large, and the load and span are large. Therefore, it is considered to erect a diagonal brace every four rows vertically along the direction of the main beam, as well as a horizontal diagonal brace every two steps from top to bottom.

The template support for the super high central lobby (with a vertical height of about 12m) is a three story floor slab of the main structure. The template support must be constructed within a range of 100 square meters from the basement top slab (or first floor slab) to a height of 11.8m. The height of the frame is relatively high, and the vertical stiffness is weakened. Therefore, diagonal braces in both vertical and horizontal directions are added to ensure the vertical stiffness of the frame.

The situation of the elevator shaft template support (with a high construction height and a small horizontal dimension). The construction of the shear wall at the elevator shaft completely relies on the operating platform of the elevator inner mast. The frame inside the elevator shaft is usually narrow and small, and vertically it must withstand the load of concrete waste on each layer, the weight of the protective layer, and the self weight of the multi-layer steel pipe frame. If the installation of the frame does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause the overall collapse of the frame, which has also occurred on some construction sites.