Template support

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During the use of template support, there are some areas that need to be noted, which are beneficial for safe production, protecting workers' safety, saving costs, and protecting the environment. Below is an introduction to the following points that need to be noted in template support construction management:

1. Strengthen safety awareness education for construction personnel, strictly implement safety systems and measures, assign responsibilities to specific individuals, and regularly participate in various forms of training.

2. The installation of the template support system must be carried out in accordance with the design requirements, and cutting corners is not allowed to ensure the stability and safety of the support system.

3. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the template support system, timely identify and handle safety hazards, and promptly solve any problem without delay. Assign specific responsibilities to specific personnel.

4. Strictly control the deformation and displacement of the formwork support system to prevent formwork expansion and ensure the safety of the formwork support system during the construction process.

For the support system of tall formwork, it is necessary to develop a special construction plan and strictly follow the plan for construction.

6. For the dismantling of the formwork support system, corresponding safety measures need to be developed to ensure construction safety.

In summary, template support construction management needs to start from aspects such as construction management, personnel allocation and division of labor to ensure project quality and safety.