Steel back corrugated formwork support system

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Steel back ribs and formwork support systems refer to the reinforcement of building formwork. Steel back ribs are a type of building material used to reinforce and support formwork. It is composed of steel back ribs and supporting materials, with high strength and stability, which can effectively prevent template deformation and displacement.

The advantages of leasing steel back ribs include: reusability: steel back ribs can be used multiple times, reducing the cost of template replacement. Convenient construction: Steel back ribs can be arbitrarily combined according to construction needs, making them convenient and flexible, saving time and labor costs. Good reinforcement effect: Steel back ribs can effectively increase the support force of the formwork, ensuring the quality and stability of the formwork. Environmental protection: The steel back ridge is made of steel and can be recycled, reducing environmental pollution.

Template support system is a structural reinforcement method based on template reinforcement technology. It utilizes standardized components and connectors to connect the structural components of a building to the support system through reliable connections, thus forming a reliable support system.

What are the characteristics of the template support system? Adopting fixed support, the standardization of components is high, and the quality of formwork removal is good. Convenient construction and low difficulty of workers' operations are conducive to improving the efficiency and duration of the project. Replacing wood with steel saves wood, has multiple turnover times, and can be reused multiple times. Easy and reliable operation, simple and safe construction, and easy management. It has a significant effect on the forming quality of concrete components for internal and external corners and short limb shear walls. It has both specificity and universality, avoiding workers' arbitrary operation. Reduce the labor intensity of workers, save labor, and save costs.

In summary, the advantages and characteristics of the steel back corrugated formwork support system demonstrate that it is an indispensable building material in basic architecture.