Do aluminum molds need to be reinforced with steel back ribs

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Aluminum mold is aluminum membrane plate, which is a kind of abbreviation. The material is aluminum alloy, which is pressed by aluminum alloy die-casting die. Compared with other wood formwork, plastic formwork and steel formwork, aluminum membrane plate has the following characteristics.

High recycling times, light weight, convenient construction and large investment at one time.

The reinforcement of aluminum formwork requires the use of building formwork support system, which is the steel back ridge commonly used by builders. The advantages of steel backing are:

Material comparison.

In the traditional support mode, steel pipes are erected according to the length and width of the room, and are connected and fixed with fasteners and steel pipes.

The new construction formwork can save materials, use technology, reduce material cost and reduce the trouble of workers in construction operation.

Labor hour comparison.

Traditional roofs, shear walls and columns are mostly fixed with battens, which are inappropriate in size. From the beginning of supply, workers need to roughly cut the batten into special-shaped batten of general size, and then give it to workers during construction for use according to specific conditions.

The supporting keel of the new building formwork can be freely inserted into different models and fixed specifications to realize the application of different sizes. The workers only need to budget the material specifications for the direct framework without cutting off, which solves the problem of waste of consumables.

The new steel support of shear wall improves the construction quality.

In the construction process of building formwork reinforcement, the traditional formwork reinforcement support system has a high dependence on the technical level of workers. Due to technical differences, the seam is not tight occasionally, and the phenomenon of formwork explosion and expansion occurs. The site calls for a stop to replace and re reinforcement and other problems emerge endlessly. Those uncontrollable factors are likely to lead to construction quality, power and safety problems, and standardized construction is difficult to effectively control.

With the development of the construction industry, the building materials supply industry is also developing. Among many building materials enterprises, the new shear wall steel support reinforcement system stands out.    

The new shear wall steel structure formwork reinforcement system, with the main keel expandable and infinitely extended, can adapt to most building construction environments. At the same time, it is a complete steel structure product, which can be recycled for 300~500 times. The frame structure is stable and does not deform, ensuring the construction safety. The design concept of small parts can be freely combined through the connection of connecting tools. It is convenient for workers to carry and keep during construction, and is particularly practical for small construction sites.

The new shear wall steel support reinforcement system uses steel instead of wood, which responds to the call of environmental protection and resource conservation and protects the long-term development of forest resources. The new shear wall steel support reinforcement system reflects the design and customization concept of new green building materials from the aspects of material selection, technical treatment, installation mode and structural principle. It has high strength, stable structure and no honeycomb, pitted surface, crack, hollowing and other phenomena. After concrete pouring, the effect of dust free can be achieved without secondary rework. It virtually reduces construction waste and realizes the real concept of environmental protection.